Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Once Upon A Time In Longaberger Land......

......there was a fair maiden......Salle was her name. She did event planning such as Car Shows, Bridal Shows and then one day.....a Lumberjack Show. One of the lumberjacks who was a world class pole climber fell in love with the fair maiden. After a time of courting he asked me for her hand in marriage and I reluctantly gave him permission. He wisked her off to Mexico for the ceremony and of course Pat and I had to attend to "give her away." While we were there we bought a time share from which we just returned. After marrying her he wisked her away to the Wisconsin north woods where he has kept her in hiding ever since. They had a cute dimpled child and he finally gave in to letting her come back to the place of their meeting to reunite with her friends.

Salle's and my former "boss" joined us for the reuniting...... well as Nancy.....our comrad in arms. All in all we enjoyed reminiscing about the "Good ol days."
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Anonymous said...

hey bill! things looks great over at your side!! how are you and pat?
geesh, i think you've slim down! you're looking gd!~haha! :)

time sure flies! take care!
-chloe ;)