Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our French Connection

Missing our son and daughter and granddaughter in France, we called this morning to get an update. Melanie was at home sewing a hem in curtains for the apartment. What a girl. She bikes, sews, cooks, works, and is bearing a child. Did Sam hit the French jackpot or what! (Of course we think she got a good deal too. He bikes, cooks, works and will be helping to bear a child also.)

Melanie said the pregnancy is going well. They will be getting a sonagram this week to see what end is up with our granddaughter. Her trip to Greece was both successful and enjoyable.

Sam is currently in Los Angeles continuing to build the foundations of his business. He's also reconnecting with Ben and his buddies from the movie and Helen's Bike Shop

I asked Melaine to just come "home " here so we could just hug her (them!) sit a while but I guess she can't fly until the baby is born. BUMMER!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Birthday Bash

Cheryl, former owner/operator of "Cheryl's Restaurant" in Iowa, fixed a delicious Sunday meal for Wes and family in celebration of birthday 37. I reflected back (as I am prone to do these days) on the day of his birth. What anticipation! What a joy he and his family have been to us as have all four of our children.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Paradise Found !

A place for coffee with family and friends.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bikeing Bash

Following our bikeing sons inspiration we are tring to bike more and eat less! Here is a shot at Black Hand Gorge. We stopped by Toboso for a short visit with old friends.
I am having trouble with the computer which is getting major.I may not be blogging until the glitch is fixed!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

White Doves in the Neighborhood

One of the unique things about living on Pleasant Chapel is living 5 doors down from Randy Channel who has white homing pigeons. Every evening he releases them to fly around the neighborhood. Here is a shot I took of them last evening at dusk.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A fog was over the valley this morning and fall was in the air....

We went to Dawes, our "special place." There we rediscovered there is no greater beauty in the universe than what God has created in nature. We found that beauty in
every scene we saw as we walked through the evergreen collection. As I walked ...I sang.....

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Oh Lord My God....

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....when I in awsome wonder

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....consider all

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....the worlds thy hands have made.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Horse Haven

One of the things we love about living here on Pleasant Chapel is that within less than a mile we have 8...yes 8... horse stables. Now and then I'll ride with my neighbor on a Tennessee Walker or ride on a wagon pulled by two beautiful draft horses with another nighbor.
We love the country!

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The Buckeye Tree

Our kids and grandkids loved it when fall came and the ground under this buckeye tree became littered with buckeyes.
Go Bucks!
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Two New Friends

Two Red Eared Slider turtles joined the other wildlife living in our pond. They were gifts from our friends Chris and Melaine Easton. We'll see if they choose to set up housekeeping at Bill's Botanical!

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Here they are in their new home

Can you find them?

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Four Pairs of Eyes

Looking on the new pondmates!

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Monday, September 04, 2006


Reflecting on why I enjoy blog communication so:

Reading other's blogs....

- Helps me stay in closer touch with the lives of friends, family (thanks especially to Meg who keeps our minds tantalized with pictures of our beautiful grandaughters far away!)and those friends I make through blogging (That includes you, Chloe, over there on the other side of the planet!)
- It inspires me to read and evaluate what others see as important to help me evaluate and adjust my own set of values. (Thanks Pastor Wes for key insights)
- Each of our lives is so's like having a treasure chest of life experiences at the touch of a button.
- It helps bridge the generation gap...(thanks Elizabeth!)
- As Pat and I get older our world is going to shrink...This is and will be one way to "keep it big!" I enjoy checking on the blog of a lady in Arizona ( who loves blogging 80 years of age!

Publishing my own blog....
- Helps me communicate ideas and the beauty I see, especially in nature, to others. I take joy in publishing pictures of the beauty around me and writing captions about there meaning. Lil says after watching my blog she has canceled her subscription to Birds and Blooms magazine!
- I like hearing from others in far away places ...and nearby... when you comment on my adventure

Here for your enjoyment are what I saw from behind the lens in "our world" this morning!

We love each of you in our "blogging world!"

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