Sunday, July 29, 2007


Brian and the troops.....

The Dan Clan....!
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"Small Group" Just Got Bigger!

It's great to be connected with other Christ Followers. This evening we gathered at the Ludens (Thanks Tim and Carrie!). We were joined by some folks who may be traveling this part of the adventure with us. From left to right, Tim, Kay, Pat, Ben, Carrie, Crystal, Jennifer, Dan and Liz.

Tim, Mike and Cindy.

Les and Brenda
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yard Sale Lessons

Here was the scene at Pleasant Chapel today. We were a part of the "Community" yard sale. What did that mean???....A couple of hundred dollars richer, a good bit of "life clutter" now into the hands of those who will make use of these posessions that would not allow us to walk unabateably through our basement. But more than that it provided a "medium" through which we could connect to our neighbors and "customers"....... Long time unseen students, parents and friends.

........It was a very PLEASANT day.
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back Porch Visitor

It was great to reconnect with two dear friends, Nate and Melissa Ray. Melissa took to the "comfort seat" right away.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

.....and so it ends.....

....but the memories of the good times are captured in our minds to savor again and again........
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One Neat Guy......

One of the real pleasures of the trip was being able to have Daddy along. Watching him enjoy the antics of the Great Grandchildren (And Children!) and hearing his stories about his life adventures added a lot to the trip. He traveled in our car so we got to hear that he flew a WWII P-19 trainer plane under an overpass in Texas and watch him ooohhh and aaahhh over the Harley's at the hotel on the way home. A particular moment of pride for me came when I stood with him (WWII), Bob (Viet Nam) and Wes (Desert Storm) on the Pensacola Beach as the Navy Blue Angels screamed overhead and the song, "God Bless America" played over the loud speakers! In my thoughts also were Chelsey's husband Nate (US Marine serving in Iraq) and Megan's husband Dave and his friend Casey (Navy Special Ops).

........ It made me realize how much sacrifice our immediate family has made for the cause of freedom we and other nations enjoy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday Evening ...

So the kids could get out and spend some time together, we spent the evening with Gpa and the grandkids doing crafts.
Homemade visors to commemorate the trip!
Leave it to Pat to plan ahead for this and have all the "makins" for the craft and all the patience to teach even the youngest the satisfaction of crafting.

Evening Activities...

Daddy and I reviewing the highlights of trip. He especially loved looking at the pictures of the sidetrip to his "home" in Crossville.

The evening ended with Pizza and a movie.
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New Addition To Family Announcement....

You probably recognize this Pro Football figure as being Scott Lane, former quarterback of the LV Panthers, Dennison University Big Red and Europeon Pro Football Superbowl Winning Denmark Aarhoose Tigers. Scott and his lovely wife and physician Isabelle have a new addition to their previously tranquil home. Brutus is his name. I know it may be a little confusing to see Brutus in the loving hands of what appears to be a Bobcat......
Below you will see what drew Scott back from his Pro career in Denmark...........

.......and it wasn't Brutus!
Congratulations, Lanes
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One Reason For Getting Up Early Tese Mornings!

When I arrived at my cybercafe this morning a skype call was coming through. It was little Eloise calling me from France telling her Grandpa how much she enjoyed seeing his barechested pictures on the blog! Although she can't be here in Destin we use the power of Skype and blog to stay in touch. I miss her so! (And her parents of course!)
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

For Sam - Action shots...For Heather - Proof of Our Work Out For Beth - More Pecs And Abs!

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....and finally....The Coup De Gras................Final Score in this set...................

.....................................Wes 6....Dad 2........................
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Grandpa Draws A Look From An Admiring Chick!

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Close Your Eyes, Heather...On Vacation...So Much Happens Around Supper Time

It has become family vacation tradition for each family to prepare evening meals. This year our "Condo Group" hit the jackpot by having Meg and Dave's friend Casey along! He brought with him the beaf slaughtered on his Iowa family farm, a flare for cooking and a head full of recipes.

Our job is to supplement his work by putting vegies on shewers etc.....

.......and of course Hiley's job to try to "fill my shoes" and oversee operations!Posted by Picasa

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