Thursday, March 30, 2006

France....Here we come

We will be taking off this evening for Paris on a Northwest 330 Airbus. Between today and April 20th the posts will be with pictures and accounts from France and England.
Bon Voyage!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

You Guessed It!

That would be Steven Covey presenting me with my certification to teach 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a book that still sells 15,000 copies a month 15 years after it was first published. The first encounter I had with the concepts of the book were when Don Urban, Superintendent of Licking Valley, handed the book to us Principals and asked us to pick a chapter to teach the rest of the Administrative team. Scanning down the table of contents I chose Habit 2, Begin with the end in mind. That chapter put a new focus on my life purpose. Habit 3 is Put first things first. Pat and I hugged tonight and reaffirmed our love for each other. In 4 days we will be taking off to reunite with my French son and daughter-in-law. What stuff really matters ayway?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Jolly Old England...Mother of US(A) All...Here We Come

We have now added a side trip to our trip to France! ..A trip to jolly OLD England! How old you ask?? This is a picture of our friend Val Baty (in the middle) who we will be staying with in England, standing in the Chester Cathedral where she plays the flute in the Philharmonic Orchestra. The Chester Cathedral in which she plays dates back to approximately the year of Our Lord AD 800. She is going to lead us on a walk around the wall of Chester built by the Romans somewhere around 43 AD. We will worship on Easter Sunday in a church in her town of Oswestry built in about 1200 AD. ....I mean....we're talking rich history here. Those who know me know I am driven by an "overactive" sense of curiosity.
My goals for this trip are as follows:
1. To kick back and spend time with Pat, Sam, Mel, our two grandturtles and Mel's family
2. To enjoy, learn about and experience French history and culture
3. To focus on two particular elements of world history and resulting influence, namely the rise and spread of the Roman Empire into France and England and the early (as in real early!) beginnings and spread of Christianity into the Roman and Europeon culture.
I have been doing some preparatory reading on these subjects including the writings of Paul to the Romans and his account of his own travels and experiences as he planted "start up groups" of Christians as he went. I find it very interesting that growing Christianity was seen as a threat to the Roman Empire. Christians were pubicly tortured and killed (as was Paul) by Romans in somewhat similiar fashion to the current situation in Afghanistan in which Abdul Rahman faces death for becoming a spite of that..... Chrisianity spread. I'm fascinated by the fact that every time I write a check or list my birthdate, it is numbered in years (now 2006) from Christ....and when did that all start??
I'm on a quest...a part of my life adventure on which I connect with the most important people in my life, my family, and enjoy a part of the creation I as yet have not seen....all the while searching roots. Let's roll!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One Week and Counting

Soon we will be viewing these kinds of historic scenes such as this shot of "the changing of the guard" at the entrance of the Palace of Jock Shurrock! These faithful guards help quell the uprisings of the peasants with pitchforks who try to storm the castle, swim the moats and climb the gates do disrupt public transportation services in France. Lets hope these faithful sentries can bring order to the chaos thus allowing our plane to land as scheduled on the 30th.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Our Friends Are Back

They are back.....the fish are out...the frogs are swimming around....It's getting to be spring and the signs of spring are appearing in Bill's Botanical Gardens......and life is good! Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 10, 2006

Exactly Three Weeks Till Arrival

Can't wait to join Sam and Mel and the rest of the "Paris Fam!"

Forever Friends

Over the years God in his providence has brought people into our lives from whom we have learned some of life's greatest lessons. Those lessons have come through what has to be some of life's most horrific challenges. Kay was the first and then others. During all this time Joyce too, here with her husband, Bill. Only they, God, Pat and I know the extent of their trauma and the pain they have undergone. Healing in their lives comes slow. In the process however, something else happens. A bond is formed unlike any other. They become "Forever Friends." Tonight I got a call from Kay who now lives in Georgia and visits us at church each time she's in town. In our guest bedroom hangs a poem she gave us. On the back is handwritten these words, "We have shared so much, good, bad and painful. Always know you've done your best." It was given to us at one of the lowest times of her recovery. It is signed, "A Forever Friend, Kay." It says,
If there's someone you can talk to...
Someone no one can replace
If there's someone you can laugh with
Till the tears run down your face...
If there's someone you can turn to
When you need a helping hand
If there's someone you can count on
To advise and understand...
If there's someone you can sit with
And not need to say a word
If there's someone you can trust
To keep each confidence they've heard
If there's someone you think more of
As each year comes to an end
You're a very lucky person
For you've found a Special Friend

We are thankful for these special "Forever Friends" who hold a very dear place in our lives and with whom we have shared some of life's most challenging "adventures." WE LOVE YOU EACH DEARLY! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Long For Spring!

I spent an hour yesterday at Wilson's gardens drooling over the spring flowers and seed displays hoping to hasten the onset of spring. I couldn't resist buying some primrose and violas while I was there. This will be the first year for plants planted here in Pat's Secret Garden to burst out of the ground or green up as the weather warms. Already jonquils, tulips and
hyacinths are pushing up through the ground.
Soon it will be spring and we will be enjoying the onset of foliage both on Pleasant Chapel and in France! You've heard the song..."April in Paris"...right! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Development of Great Talent

Each morning when the girls come over they go IMMEDIATELY to the office and take their positions at their respective "work stations." Zoe, the auther, goes to the typewriter and continues her work on her latest book, "Shiea the Hoola Girl." She currently is up to 12 pages of "verbage" on this rich fantasy novel. Adele in the mean time is at work illustrating the books that Zoe writes. She uses her artistic talent to bring Zoe's books to life visually as well as produce works of art on her own that currently are displayed on refrigerators in the greater Hanover area. It's a wonderful thing to watch young minds develop. It is what gave me such satisfaction over 30 years in education. At Rockwell I made gears for 5 ton axles, at Kaiser I made wire, at Longaberger I made 8 baskets.....but never have I done anything more important than working with God building or repairing human beans! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

France....Here we come!

Can't wait to go visit my wonderful daughter-in-law in Paris. She is not only a snazzy dresser but a brilliant research doctor and a hoot to boot! She is the Mother of our two French Grandturtles as well. We will enjoy hanging out and having her show us the sites of her Homeland.
Viva La France! Posted by Picasa