Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Love It When My Kids Love My Kids Kids!

Longaberger Tree Lighting

By being called back to be the MC of the Homestead Tree Lighting Ceremony I was able to gather the family around some familiar surroundings and create some memories. Having managed the Homestead horses, it was great to reconnect with the driver and get a behind the scenes carriage ride.

It's Been A Busy Two Weeks !

Megan, David, Hailey and Alyssa visit....Granddaughter's wedding... Sam and Mel have their baby...and our granddaughter, Eloise..... and in the midst of it all...
...which meant I've been unable to blog!
Life on Pleasant Chapel could hardly be...well....livelier!!
Here are some preliminary shots until we can really cut loose and express the feelings that accompany these events.

Chelsey and Nate

A beautiful wedding and the addition of a new grandson. More (and better!) pictures to come.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanks For The Reconnection

Thanksgiving can be a time of reconnection. Laurel and her son, Roman Gabriel, visited us and her "Sister" Megan today.

Thanksgiving In A Tent!

We celebrated Thanksgiving as we have for Aunt Fran's house... which is now Davey's house. To make enough room he put up his tent on the back deck, supplied it with heat (which we didn't need much being a gorgeous day) and enjoyed a delicious meal together. For more shots go to Wes's blog at

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Morning And I'm Awake, Alive and Thankful

When I was in college I had pretty much figured out that there was no God...that our/my existence was the result of "universal forces" that through a process of evolution over a long time had resulted in "my being here."
And then came Dr. Brown's biology class. There my paradigm changed! There I was made aware of:
The Salmon....

The salmon is born in a tiny gravel bottomed stream as far inland as 7000 miles. It there grows and when "of age" makes its way from stream to converging stream those 7000 miles and from fresh water to salt into the Pacific Ocean and to it's "home" around Baja California. There it lives for about 7 years. At some point.... there dawns an "awakening" that it needs to go home! It swims the Pacific coast past stream after stream until it comes to the Columbia River where it takes a "right turn!" Past osprey and bears...from tributary to tributary it makes it's way....some 7000 miles to the very gravely bottomed stream in which it hatched!

I learned also about the Arctic Tern. Born within the Arctic Circle, it grows during the spring and "summer" of its first year..... and the awakens to a "need" to take off for warmer climate. It takes off for it's "summer" home in the Antartic.... 11,000 miles away! There it lives and eats and grows until in the Antarctic "awakening" takes place. The tern takes off in flight and travels 11,000 miles....half a globe away... to land in the very place it was hatched!
It dawned on me that man himself has learned to do this flight navigation thing using highly developed technology created my highly skilled minds in machines created by very bright people.
The Arctic Tern does it the year it's born!!!!
In me in the year of 1967 there was a paradigm "awkening" if you will! I decided not only that there is a God but that he created me....knows me.......he wants me to make contact with him through and avenue called prayer. I have since that time...pursued the God who made me.
May you have a blest Thanksgiving AND MAY PRAYER BE A PART OF YOUR CONVERSATION!

Prayer and Thanksgiving...So Integrally Linked

George Washington established a national day of Thanksgiving in 1789 with these words:
"..whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me to recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God..."

We will take time today to bow our heads...and offer thanks to God for all.

He Created Order...From Disorder

For The Beauty God Has Created and For Eyes And Mind To Enjoy It.....I AM THANKFUL!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We're Thankful For Our "French Connection"

Who would know that Sam, while moving to LA to pursue an acting career, would instead find a lovely life companion! While working at Helen's Bike Shop he met Melanie who was pursueing her Doctorate Degree in Microbiology at nearby UCLA. Although so far geographically separated we stay in touch by email and phone. Sam's love for his family is demonstrated in a lot of ways....he never fails to end every phone call with, "I love you."

Sam...Our Connection To The Stars..

Sam's capacity to form relationships has brought him in contact with celebrity! One day he called me from Pierce Brosnan's garage. He had sold him a bike and was asked by Pierce to teach his son to mountain bike. Here he "assists" Lance Armstrong as Lance assists a slower rider in a cancer fund raising "Bike With Lance" event which raised thousands of dollars for cancer research..

Thankful For Daughter Mel...

Dr. Melanie is comfortable working at the Pasteur Institute Research Lab finding the cure for disease....

...or hanging out with Mark Twain at the Midland Theatre in Newark!

Our Extreme Adventuresome Kids!

Whether it's cycling in the Pyrenes, hiking on Cyprus or playing paddle ball on Venice Beach California....these two lead the family pack in "living the adventure" of life.

Thankful For Our Two Grandturtles...

May It Ever Be So!

Thanksgiving Series

Having David, Megan and the girls here has provided some "precious moments" (think I'll start marketing them in porcelain!) Alyssa loves to "lounge" at the table while eating!

Hailey and Gpa Feeding The Neighbor's Horses

Hailey and I spent some time together feeding the birds in the back yard then going over to the neighbors to feed their horses. We're thankful we live in the country.

Thanksgiving Series

Last night we gathered Megan and David's family together for a Thanksgiving/Birthday Feast. It was all of what a big family gathering has come to be over the years! I have very fond recollections as a child of gathering at Grandma and Grandpa Millers with all of the aunts, uncles and cousins for a big family meal. I clearly remember the year I got to "move up" to the adult table. It represented a "right of passage" of sorts.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

We're Thankful For Seth And Heather!

Seth and Heather live just a mile away. When we need the leaves or pine needles cleaned out of the spouting...Seth's there! When we need a place to store Grandpa's "stuff" or a hand with a project....Seth's there. When I want to watch the Cavs or the Buckeyes with someone rather than by myself...Seth's there to enjoy life with including a game or ...6....of ping pong. He is meticulous at everything he does and gives attention to detail. We "own" a lawnmower together (which he dutifully maintains) and share a yard leaf picker upper! Heather is so good for Seth ....and for us! She can cook up a storm (both can!) but inspires us to eat right and excercise by her own example. Her smiling eyes can make our day. Thanksgiving week causes us to reflect on how much they mean to us!

Heather...Dear Heather

Heather we just love to "hang out" with. Just being around her is a delight! Recently she has just come up the road and spent time hanging out in the kitchen talking! She manages the Rt 79 Dairy Queen and with that and her schooling, works....and works out.... like a busy beaver. She has just received her acceptance letter for the OSU/COTC Nursing program. She is going to take care of us when we get to old to take care of ourselves!

Seth Loves Kids...And Kids Love Seth!

Seth has a tender place for children and they sense it. They will seek him out and want to sit on his lap or want him to give them attention.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thanksgiving Series

Throughout the remainder of the month we are going to focus the blog in on the most beautiful part of our lives and that part for which we are most thankful....our family...particularly our children and grandchildren who bring us endless delight! We are going to go in reverse birth order.
As I reviewed the hundreds of pictures we have of Megan and David and girls I realized what a high percentage were spontaneous shots of a very happy family! Smiles family for each other expressed in more ways than I could count.
It is obvious that Megan and David love each other and love their children....AND US! Day after tomorrow they will arrive at our house for the week of thanksgiving. We couldn't be more excited or blessed.

Two Happy Children

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Latest From Paris

Not only is Sam 36 today but we got this latest picture of Mel and as Sam calls the baby....his little "Dudeette" I suggested a better spelling might be the little Due Debt!
Momma to be is due Dec. 3.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I sit here at my computer this morning focusing my attention on the picture below and choosing to think about those in my family who have served to protect and defend this country and I ask you to do the same....

Dad Williams - World War II
Uncle Kenny - World War II
Uncles Jerry, Ed and Don - World War II
Bob Weaver - Viet Nam
Wes Weaver - Desert Storm and Desert Shield
David Hofacker - War on Terror
Nate Trainer - Chelsey's Marine "husband to be" soon to be deployed to Iraq

I took the time to reflect on the stories I know from the experiences they have shared about their time of service. The word SACRIFICE so stands out. I dedicate this time and space on my blog to say you are remembered and prayed for this morning, guys. In keeping with my blog theme of things we are thankful for, Pat and I thank you for serving and for YOUR SACRIFICE!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Saw One Of These This Evening

OK...I admit this one is not the one I saw! ...but....As I was driving in front of the Longaberger basket I saw a perched bald eagle next to the Licking River. They are majestic wherever you see them but especilly "in your own backyard."

Monday, November 06, 2006

Thankful For.....

The girl who first made us grandparents! She was 5 yrears old at the time....and we sit at the kitchen table planning her wedding!
How honored I am to be asked to be a part of the ceremony.

Evening Visit

Nephew David joined us for an evening of conversation, laughter, insight and....oh repair. We bartered a supper and take away homemade choclate chip cookies for a leak repair and broken bathroom fixture fix! We're thankful for our nieces and nephews.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


I chose this picture because it represents what we feel like to be home. It's reconnection with family and dear friends. It's celebration! As I stood in the choir and contemplated the things most meaningful to me....I have decided to devote the month of November to blog on the theme of THANKSGIVING....things in our lives we are thankful for! Thanks to dear friend Wes Humble for inspiring words that draw my mind to the STUFF THAT REALLY MATTERS! Thanks for a wife I love more than anythhing else on this planet and who continues to be a wonderful companion to adventure life with.