Saturday, January 19, 2008

and finally....... is where this has all eminated little blogging hasienda under the thatched roof pavilion......

............and a parting shot as we prepare to check out and come home to a windchill advisory of MINUS 15 DEGREES.......UUUGGGGHHHH!
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Megian said...

So I hear of the wind chill advisory...stay warm and can't wait to catch up.

It was 35 degrees and pouring rain when I landed in Austin yesterday!

Eggus-Liptus-Vetus-Jontus said...

The more pics that I look at the more jealous I get. I really need a vacation like that. It looks so beautiful and serene! I hear it saying, "Megan, Megan, Come visit me and bask in my serenity!" Can you get a cot for your suite?
I am very happy for you and mom though. You guys deserve that vacation!