Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Garden

Last fall we expanded the garden......again. Besides Bill's Botanical and Pat's Secret we now also have a Cottage Garden. Here are some of it's features.

I enjoyed taking a few minutes there this evening.
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Another Day at the Memorial

Daddy and I watched his second favorite golfer, Jim Furick...

Ernie Els........

.......Surgio Garcia (green) and Phil Michelson (rust). All in all it was a great day of golfe and time with Dad.
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David And Shia Tie the Knot

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dad and I Visit The Memorial Tournament

I took Pat's Dad over to Muirfield Village Golf Club today for the practice round for the upcoming tournament. We were checking out the field of 120 golfers who will be playing when we return on Friday for day 2 of the actual tournament. Kim Williams brother offered to provide two tickets and Dad loves watching pro golf. Players like Jim Furyk above.........

....and K.J.Choi......practice their strokes and learn the lay of the course........

........while signing autographs and interacting with the crowd. We enjoyed watching the pros.........and then.........
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Dad Hanging Out With His Friend Jack.. while we are at Muirfield watching the golfers I hear that there is a luncheon honoring those in the military. We made our way to the pavilion where we were greeted and treated to a delicious meal and conversation. Daddy was asked about his service in WW II and he obliged. I noticed a buzz in the room and it was over the fact that Jack Nicklaus himself was personally greeting those who served or are serving. Sure enough....he found Daddy and I found my camera to capture the very special greeting he received.

...Jack was gracious and thanked Dad for serving.

It was also interesting that the gentleman we ate lunch with here on the left of Jack is the State Command Chief of the Adjutant General's office. Dad told him his grandson, Wes, served at Rickenbacker. When I mentioned that Wes's last name was Weaver and that he was the Ohio NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) of the year it turned out he knew Wes. Small world!

He swapped flying stories with Daddy. It made for a totally unique and interesting afternoon.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Gathering

What a great time we enjoyed together this evening. Stories enjoying....laugh fest!

............we so miss the times when the girls lived next door and would come next door to visit. They are growing so fast as friends and family can tell!
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Bob.....always a hoot....... personal trainer....... monitoring my food intake!......... pensive Adele..........
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Botanical Beauty

It's spring and today I took time to enjoy and photograph some of the scenes around the garden.

Verigated iris is a favorite.......

The colombine blooms are gorgeous. Needless to say we enjoy the amazing creations.

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Climatis Blooms Grace The Perimeter of the Garden

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Interest Around The Garden

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We Love The Lillies of The Valley

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The Kitty Dilema

We discovered we had a cat living under our porch. How did we know?? The smell...YUCK! So when spring came we knew we had to "eliminate" the cat.....and then....just about the time she was about to be "dispatched" we noticed she had 2 we waited. Then today the cat took off with the two kitties toward the woods. Maybe she was relocating the family.....but one kitty ziged instead of zaged and was trapped inside the fence. Pat to the rescue.

.....she assisted the kittie to the other side of the fence with Mother and sibling......... you see Mom watching from the underbrush as her kids make their way toward her........

.........and so Mom reconnects with her kitties and were last seen trailing off to delight some little child down the road.....or so we hope.
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