Thursday, July 31, 2008

Never Done This Before....

.......But here it is....My second post in a row on the same subject....Randy Pausch. I can't get away from him or his message. I watched the Diane Sawyer special on him two nights ago. Last night I spent 4 hours counseling a couple of people in some VERY heavy life crisis situations. Over and over again I found myself referencing words of Randy's or his wife to help others deal with their life issues. This morning I was made keenly aware of the preciousness of the time I have left with Pat which literally changed some things I did and effected the words I said. There is about a 4 minute video taken directly from that show that I recommend you look at. I can pretty much guarantee you'll be glad you did. Go to this link, scroll down to "Primetime Webcasts" and click "Remembering Randy Pausch." Give me some feedback if you "Go there..."

Here is just one of the 900 plus comments on what people got from his life message:

"I can't read this ever without crying; I can't watch the last lecture without crying; there are no words to express how amazing Randy is and how powerful his message is and I vow to become a better person because of what he has so profoundly shared of himself and his experience and his heart."

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