Friday, July 04, 2008

NBC 4 Honors "Everyday Hero" Claudia Weaver

As part of their 3 hour Red, White and Boom 4th of July special Channel 4 honored Claudia (My wife's sister and my brother's wife : } ) Excuse the less than perfect "pictures off the TV" appearance! One of her coworkers had submitted her story as part of a contest to honor those who are quiet heros but make a difference in people's lives in the community. The story lead off showing Claudia, the "mail girl" at Holophane for 39 years, tooling around the plant with her mail cart cheerfully honking her horn to passersby. The cart has a couple of signs reminding people to Honor Veterans. She said her feelings of Patriotism started when Bob was in Viet Nam. (How we also remember those scarry days!) At work Claudia with the help of many has established a "Veterans Wall of Honor" to memorialize with pictures those Holophane Employees who serve or have served our nation in the military.

She ....somewhat tearfully....pointed out that "Freedom isn't free..." and encourages people to "thank a vet!" For 7 years on Veterans Day she herself has sent individual thank you cards to the veterans she knows and encourages others to do the same.

Here she strolls along the wall with Bob looking and talking about those who have served. All this has been done with just the knowledge of those with whom she works....UNTIL ....Laurie King submitted her story to NBC. Unfortunately Claudia was not one of the 4 NBC said they would honor by donating $500 to their favorite charity. Instead she was 5th runner up.....BUT....Channel 4 chose to feature her story anyway as the lead in to the whole 3 hour show!! Since she was "out of the money" so to speak and as a surprise to Claudia, Laurie had taken up a collection among her coworkers (including son Seth!) and on the show presented her with a HUGE check that turned out to be over $1600 dollars. They will divide and donate to their four chosen charities, The Salvation Army, Veterans Association, Red Cross and their Church's Disaster Mission team!!!!
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Eggus-Liptus-Vetus-Jontus said...

That was such a wonderful tribute to Aunt Claudia and her patriotism. She is such an incredible woman and a great example to us and our children to give back to our community and country! Thank you Aunt Claudia and Uncle Bob for your dedication and service!!
We love you dearly!