Sunday, June 01, 2008

What Stuff Really Matters In Our Lives Anyway?

"Others...Lord,.....yes others....Let this our motto be. Help us to live for others...that we may live like thee..."

It's the only song my wife and I have ever sung together in a public setting .....years ago! The song captures the essence of one of the stongest values we hold and last night it was lived out again in yet another setting. Our church rescued an old delapadated building in the worst part of Newark to carry on a ministry to some of the needest folks of our community. A young man and his wife fresh out of college took on the responsibility of pastoring this work. Last night the house was packed for a "good by" to him and his wife as they move on to becoming a chaplain in the army. The place was packed with those we have served from this now lively congregation.

This picture shows Pat leading the serving line with Newark Naz Pastor Wes and his wife Lenore as they "fed the multitude" with loaves and Olive Garden!

At the end of the evening I witnessed this scene. The gal on the left is Tracy thanking Melanie, the Pastor's wife. Tracy broke into tears as she described to me what this church has meant to her. She and her husband have lived next door to the church and by her own description were "bad...real bad!" She described in some detail their "wild" ways and how bad they were to the Pastor and his wife. As they indulged in drunkenness and lawlessness next door they would yell and taunt and threaten Chris and Melaine. Then something gradually happened. I remember the first time I walked into the church and saw her there. She has continued coming and described last night to me the monumental changes in her life. ........and what's the value of a life so changed? We will continue serving God and others and letting Him manage the results.
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Kirby said...

Great Sunday morning reading! I enjoyed catching up as always. Have a great week!

Megian said...

Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful story! It is always amazing to see what the Lord has in store.