Thursday, June 19, 2008

Closing Thoughts from Paris

I am blogging from Sam's computer on our last night in Paris.....thus no pictures. Today Meg and I went to the Louvre, the largest collection of art and antiquities in the world. Pictures to follow. Pat stayed at the apartment and did some shopping. Sam and Mel are fixing supper as they have each evening. MERCI!

Some points........

- Claudia - The very French looking man in the pictures taken at the B & B was with his wife the owners of the farm. She tends the B & B and he the farm and grounds. As you can see Mel and he hit it off and it was fascinating to watch them talk....even though I couldn't understand only an occasional word!

- The trip has honestly gone very well. Weather...perfect....transportation....easy using the Metro. We stay at Mel's Moms. Mel took time off for a trip to the coast with us and has worked doing her research the other days. They both have been the most gracious hosts fixing the most delicious suppers. Tonight it is rabbit with mustard cream sauce, boulgour wheat and light creamy whipped lemon delight poured over ginger cookies! (Mel just let me lick the spatula as she prepares it)

I'm hungry!

- A highlight of the trip has been the time together. Pat traveled hours in the car with Sam while Meg and I traveled with Mel and Eloise. Great conversations. We have played cards together, discussed French/American cultures, child rearing, politics, the lives of family and friends (including several of YOU reading this blog) etc. etc. The pictures tell only the story of what we've seen. More important is the way we feel while with our kids and grandchild. (Supper now being over...DELICIOUS!) Tonight we sat around the table laughing and reminiscing and laughing more.

It's been a great trip!



Megian said...

And THAT is what is so beautiful! And guess what, it DOES show in the pictures! That is the picture of LOVE!!!!

And I LOVE you guys and MISS you...see you soon (selfishly...)

beth said...
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Kirby said...

I miss you too...but I have REALLY enjoyed the updates...and have checked every day. Have a great rest of the trip and a safe trip back!

Elizabeth said...

I've certaintly been thinking of you while you've been gone, and following your progress on the blog. It looks like you've had a wonderful trip - I can't wait to hear all about it. Give me a call when you get home and get settled in! :)

Sydni said...

Bill and Pat!!! Remember me? I'm Beth Brawleys daughter and I just started blogging.
I loved reading about your trip to Paris, traveling the world has always been something I long to do, seeing and hearing you talk about your encounters with the French and all of their qualities it has only inspired me even more to go see the world.

(the middle child)

cindy said...

I am glad to hear that you all had a great time!! I hope you find time next year, for I can join you all in the fun!!! love and miss you all very much. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.