Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today We Leave For Paris...

.........this picture was taken on our last visit 2 years ago. We invite family and friends to join us as we blog our way to Malakoff where Sam, Mel and Eloise live..... to Paris where we will be staying in Mel's Mom's apartment, to Normandy and points of interest in between. We take off this afternon on Northwest airlines and fly through the night to Charles De Gaulle airport where the adventure begins.
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Kirby said...

Have a safe trip my friend.

Anonymous said...

I thought you left yesterday:) Have a safe trip. I am anxious to see pix of Normandy. I think it will be an emotional visit.

Anonymous said...

I got this email that said I was invited to travel to Paris, so, like, I thought I had won a trip or really was chosen to go with someone or something like that, so imagine my extreme disappointment when I realize that these people don't really want me to travel with them at all. No, I don't get invited until they are, like, on their way to the airport and it's way too late for me to actually go with them. So I guess I'm not really invited to go to Paris, right? So, you go to Paris and all I get is a chance to drool over pictures and hear about all the fun, right? So, like, how do you suppose that makes me feel now?

Barbie Green