Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

After enjoying the Sunday service at church with Wes, Cheryl and the girls, Mom was treated by a Mother's Day gathering and feast at Wes and Cheryls. Cheryl's parents and Wes's parents were treated to a delicious feast prepared by Cheryl (former owner of Cheryl's Restaurant and cook extraordinaire!) and Wes (The Grill Meister)

Cheryl's Mom gets a big hug from her son-in-law Ryan.......

.....and Mom Weaver delights herself in the most meaningful thing to a Mom....THE PRESENCE OF HER KIDS! She also enjoyed the gifts and sentiments of those who although far away made their presence known with cards, gifts and....in Sam and Mel's case.....an email from Italy where they are vacationing! Megan blew her away with a generous gift from Wilson's Gardens.

.......and even grandaughter Chelsey visited from 29 Palms California....and yes those are tears in her and Taylor's eyes as they wish their Mom's Mom a happy Mother's Day.
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