Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Kitty Dilema

We discovered we had a cat living under our porch. How did we know?? The smell...YUCK! So when spring came we knew we had to "eliminate" the cat.....and then....just about the time she was about to be "dispatched" we noticed she had 2 we waited. Then today the cat took off with the two kitties toward the woods. Maybe she was relocating the family.....but one kitty ziged instead of zaged and was trapped inside the fence. Pat to the rescue.

.....she assisted the kittie to the other side of the fence with Mother and sibling......... you see Mom watching from the underbrush as her kids make their way toward her........

.........and so Mom reconnects with her kitties and were last seen trailing off to delight some little child down the road.....or so we hope.
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Megian said...

Awwwwww kitty kitty kitty!!!

Any sign of a (home)coming?