Friday, May 16, 2008

Michael did a great job describing the history of the Company illustrating it with examples of the craft such as this basket actually woven by Dave's Dad, John Wendel (JW) Longaberger. He asked me to come up and share some history and stories and I was able to communicate to the kids the tremendous impact both the company and their generosity has meant to our shchools and community.

.....and he took time to pose with a couple of LV students.........granddaughter, Addy and her cousin Taylor.

The whole thing revived the pride I have in the Company and it's values.
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beth said...

This was really interesting; I enjoy seeing how this company is investing in the lives of the kids in the community! What a great gift.

beth said...

But something about that outrageously huge basket sort of freaks me out...