Saturday, March 29, 2008

There is One Among Us Bloggers Who Has Taken This A Level Up!

Enjoying blogging and enjoying other's blogs as I do I have to give props to one among us who has taken his (their) blog to the next level and from whom we can all learn....IT IS THE GRAND CADPOOHBAH HIMSELF, Chris Lindner! That's him on the upper row left in this family photo taken this week on their spring break family getaway. I spent a while with him and his family this Saturday morning in South Carolina around a campfire, with he and his daughter, Jesse, taking pictures of the sunrise and squirrels and right here in this log cabin with his family..............ALL AT MY HOME COMPUTER!....and didn't spend a lot for gas!

I met Chris years ago when I spoke at a Church group in Fork, Maryland. He was about 16. We became close friends and have remained so these years. We talk a couple of times a week as we adventure life together.
Recently he started a blog called Ohio Hiker..A Journal Journey.

He has an amazing blog format with links to albums and maps of where his photos have been taken. I intend to enhance my/our blog using some of his ideas and techniques. You might wnat to check it out here. (I just had to do that Chris since you are the one who taught me how to link people to other sites!)

I also intend to join him and his family on more hikes. I know a bald eagle's nest they'd like to see and I know a place called Mohican State Park where Pat and I intend to invite he and other friend families to join our family around a campfire and drink coffee and tell stories and enjoy each other in a setting God created just for such things as that! Just know that you are ALL welcome dear friends!
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