Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bird Shots I Have To Share

I've been waiting for one of my favorite winter birds the Cardinal to land in one of my favorite trees, our Nootka Pine. Finally I got my opportunity.

......we got this shot of another bird we love because of its unique slate, brown and white coloration....a Eastern Towhee.

.....and then to see them together........ Hope you enjoy their beauty as we do.
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! We get lots of Cardinals here and against the backdrop of the snow they really stand out. Is that a rufus headed towhee? :-)


Willy said...

Nice try, Bev.... Actually I did misspell Towhee. (Eastern Towhee that is!) It has been corrected.

Megian said...

You really are great with the birds!

Lil said...

Birds and Blooms would certainly pay for your shots!!!