Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Boy And His Dad...(in-law) Watch Newark Win

.......the boy (Newark Class of 63).....

........and his Father-in-law (Newark Class of 38) spent our time together this evening in front of Dad's TV watching the Newark Wildcats trying to win their first State Championship in 65 years! Instead of going to Columbus as I have for the last three tournament games I pulled up a seat with Pat's dad in his living room. The game was HUGE and totally exciteing. We clapped and talked and phoned friends at the Shott where the game was being played................ AND THE RESULTS.........

............Greg Avery scored a career high 33 points and the cats went on to win 65 to 52! But I got so much more than the satisfaction of watching an amazing performance. I found out that Dad was present at the 1936 and 1938 State Championship games played at the Columbus Fairground Coliseum and won by Newark......HE PLAYED TRUMPET IN THE NEWARK BAND!! He described the star player, Jabbo Giles, who's ability to jump coupled with the fact that in those days you had a jump ball after every made basket....... accounted for the Cat's rise to win the State Championship. How the game has changed! He missed the 1943 State Championship because he was undergoing pilot training during WWII.

SO WHAT STUFF REALLY MATTERS IN THIS LIFE??? I realized tonight afresh how important family is.....and being together is.....and enjoying life is........ and enjoying life together with family is!!

Go Wildcats....GO!
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cj and ubee said...

He was bummed when he said he couldn't get the game. I told him a lady in the barbershop watched it on 53. so we tuned in 53 and watched the last few minutes of the Toledo Libbey/Chillicothe game. That too was pretty exciting.
Glad you enjoyed an evening of bball with Daddy, even tho' he is a football fan :)

Anonymous said...

hey - My dad (your Uncle Jerry) played football with Jabbo Giles. He talked about him alot through the years. I believe that he broke my dad's arm during a game or practice and when Daddy said his arm hurt, the coach (forget his name) said "shake it off"!