Sunday, November 02, 2008

Remember Last Year's LV Bid For The State Championship???

Sorry...I couldn't get blogger to take my pictures...but here's the post.

Sam and Mel were home from France and we joined together for the State Semi Final game........
......and Mel became "Panthorized!!"

.......Well we are at it again. Last night the Panthers led by quarterback Drew Ryan defeated Buckeye Local 37 to 6! Although so much has been made about Ohio State bound Storm Klein, Drew (above) scored 3 rushing and 2 passing touchdowns, had 2 interceptions and punted a ball to the Buckeye 1 yard line! Not a bad night's the only question is.....WHO IS GOING WITH ME TO THE REGIONAL SEMIFINAL GAME NEXT SATURDAY AT NEW PHILIDELPHIA....against the Poland team that beat Granville by a field goal with 2 minutes to go??? Will it be Sam and Mel coming back or will they just wait for the State Championship game?? Will it be Beth Brawley and her kids??? Kirby...who lives on the way from here to New Philly?? Will it be my kids or Grandkids?? WILL IT BE YOU???
Just let me know early in the week. I'll be getting tickets Thursday. Hope you can come.


cj and ubee said...

You won't have buy a ticket for us. I don't "get" football but ...GO PANTHERS!"

Eggus-Liptus-Vetus-Jontus said...

Count me in! I'll see if Mary can watch the girlies!

K Weiss said...

A certain Tennessean will listen to the game online. :)