Friday, November 14, 2008

Revisiting An Old Friend...

I have reengaged with the Longaberger Company. Since Dave Longaberger moved in a mile from Toboso school I have been connected with the business doing everthing from leading kids on nature/history trips, managing horses, singing to internal management training.

Sadly since 2001 the company has reduced its workforce from 8,000 employees to 1800. Now I am working 2 dys a week and loving it. My responsibilities are:

A. Internal Project Communication
1. Improve meeting effectiveness
2. Facilitate communication among leadership team members to accomplish project tasks
3. Provide help to improve individual and collective accountability
B. External Project Communication
1. Work with HR and company communication specialists to convey elements of the changeover within the organization
2. Assist in the communication and celebration of benchmarks as team project goals are achieved
3. Assist in attaining outside recognition of project accomplishments
C. Training and Coaching
1. Work with individual team leaders to improve leadership, communication, organization and time management skills
2. Work with project teams to inspire trust and improve effectiveness
3. Help leaders evaluate resource needs
4. Assist leaders in evaluating personnel alignment
5. Instill principles consistent with company values

I hope I can help add value to a huge basket operations changeover and see this great company survive even in this economy......even soar again!!

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Kirby said...

Good luck my friend. I know you will be a great asset to a place you and I both used to call home!

Stan in South Pasadena said...

Love your photos! They're so beautiful, and have a real elegance about them.