Saturday, August 23, 2008

5 K Preparation this morning I Got up..Got Out and Got Busy in CONTINUED preparation for this coming Friday's Millersport Corn Festival 5 K race. I have 3 main goals for doing this. One is to inspire myself to regular workout. My dear trainer, Heather, tells me that each time I do this my heart builds new capillaries thus improving heart health. Since my father died of a heart attack at this age, building additional cappillaries sounds like a good idea to me. Another goal is to run....or better said ...slog (slow jog) the whole 3.1 miles. Today I ran every step of the 1.4 miles to Seth and Heather's house and back. The 3rd goal will remain a secret until after I've run......I hearby challenge my running partners...Meg, Wes, Cheryl and Heather to prep this week.....THE OL' MAN IS GOING TO BREATHING DOWN YOUR BACKS!
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Kirby said...

Way to go Bill! I can't wait to hear how you do. I find that having a race (of any kind) does inspire me to get out and run in preparation. Good luck my friend!

beth said...

I am SO proud of you! And I LOVE this picture! I had no idea you were training for something that was coming up so soon!

I know how awesome it is to set a goal like this and accomplish it. You go, man - build up that heart muscle and run like the wind and STAY HEALTHY!

Because I'd like to see you at least three or four more times here on earth....

Anonymous said...

Wow - why does the theme from "Rocky" keep going through my head?

Run Bill Run!