Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Old Friend....New Learning...

Many moons ago in another life I visited Fork, Maryland Church of God to speak to their Youth Group. There I met their 17 year old "Youth Leader," Chris Lindner. We have been dear friends ever since. We have gone through "STUFF" ....and life together. For a long time I have wondered how you Master Bloggers like Beth B, Wes H and others use hypertext to take people to other interesting sites.......Well thanks to Chris and an hour of his time last night (Yes, we covered more than just hypertexting!) ...NOW I KNOW! I saw that Chris had used hypertext in his blog about the Golden Gate I asked him to tutor me through the process and he you can see. He and his wife Sonja have taken up hiking and have a blog called OhioHiker with some beautiful shots such as the one below (NOT OHIO!). Thanks for your help, Chris.
Blog on, brother, blog on!

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