Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What a Way to Go!

This is the first picture of the Weaver/Williams clan taken in some while (Kim had to work.) It was taken at the funeral of Daddy's sister and Pat and Claudia's Aunt Mary. In recent weeks her health had failed to the extent that in the last days she was sustained only through wearing an oxygon mask. She was however "with it" right to the end. She wanted to see all of her family who, including Pat, Daddy and Claudia made their way to her bedside for last good byes. One by one she said good by to kids grandkids and friends, picked out her dress, songs and scriptures for her funeral..... As we learned even more vividly in the eulogies at the funeral...she had a tremendous connection with God and great faith. Not wanting to be "sustained" by a machine she elected to check out of this life and into the awaiting next by asking to have the mask removed. She died shortly after in the loving presence of her children. The pictures below are of other family members. She is now "adsent with us...but present with God!"


Anonymous said...

Handsome group of people. Just wish we could all see each other more often.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics but sorry for the occasion.