Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seth Takes Hailey A Ride on My New Father's Day Present

Years ago Seth and I went in halvesies on a riding mower. The deal included keeping it stored at his house and he would maintain it. (Smart move on my part since he is the Maste Mechanic!) The downside has been that I have to go pick it up and return it in the truck when I have to mow. On Father's day Seth presented me with his half of trhe mower since he and Heather bought a new one. SSSOOOO here is Seth taking Hailey around 3800 on MY new whole mower!!

She did the steering of course......

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Anonymous said... you can mow whenever you want. I could spend all day on my mind is a million miles away when I am out there. Good takes 3 hgours or so to do it :)