Monday, September 29, 2008

Relationships That Matter Most....

Pat and I have been involved with the process of creation.........4 times! Each birth has it's own story. Each one a mixture of our DNA.

Each one raised by us from helpless infant through their developmental years to adulthood.

With each we have developed a special bond that continues to grow. We love each dearly and love to be in contact with them and their families. They represent our closest ties.

We stay in constant contact. This weekend I hung out with Wes at Friday night's football game, talked with Mel about Sam's new developing Paris Bike Company, hung out with Seth at Heather's Nursing graduation party and ran with Meg in a 5 K race.

Besides these 4 and their families, there is another "next layer" of family and friends with whom we eat, talk, share and generally do life ....some by internet or phone etc. Some are so close that we communicate our greatest blessings, accompolishments, sadest moments, failures and deepest fears.

Friends....those to whom we have been introduced through life experiences such as school, career, church etc.
Friends of friends...friends of family......our "network" so to speak!

There is one connection however, more intimate and important than all of these. The ONE our 4....was there at birth......through our "develpomental years".....and who is closer than all. We are closer than family or any "internet connection." One who like this morning, I can wake up with conversing. One who is ever present and knows us intimately........even closer than the one with whom I have awakened for 41 years.........who knows my every thought......who is in fact.....just a prayer away.

He's as complex as DNA, an atom or the universe.......but as simple as a prayer to get to know. I urge you to connect.
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beth said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, wonderful post.

much love from VA....

Megian said...


Eggus-Liptus-Vetus-Jontus said...

Wow Dad what a great post! That is the best pic of Wes that I've seen for a long time. And that goes for Sam and Seth too. They are so natural. We are so blessed to have each other and to stay in touch w/ each other. Of course I am the closest (Just next door)! haha. Thank you for making family so important you and for all of your love and support to all of us!