Monday, September 08, 2008

My Morning Ride.....

I decided to get my workout by biking to and along the Black Hand Gorge Trail this morning. I liked this perspective shot when I saw it on Wes Humble'blog so I tried it myself. With my binoculars and camera strapped to the handlebars I took in the morning sun filteing through the trees.........This is how I saw it.......

There are some beautiful scenes along this trail don't you think??
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sam-a-lama-ding-dong said...

It's great to see that you're biking, and it's great to see what you see when you're biking!

Is that smog?

...aahhhh man am I funny.

How bout a link on your blog to your son Sam's company website?!

...speaking of biking.

Love you Willie.
If it weren't for you and momma I wouldn't know how to ride a bike!
Thanks for showing me, and encouraging me all those years ago.
Who knew that a Mongoose Expert would lead to Paris.

Anonymous said...

I have a picture around here somewhere that is quite similar to these. The bike path about 15 years ago early with the sun filtering down. so peaceful

Megian said...

Ahhhh to be retired. Why don't we have time for these things 7 days a week when we are "growing up"?

Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.