Monday, February 01, 2010

Nature Walk Around the Resort

Early this morning I took a guided nature walk around our resort and took these shots. I love observing a new environment with flora different than Ohio's.

This interesting tall palm is called a "Bird of PAradise Palm. God must have liked the idea for the flower on the shrub (which Stan has in his front yard!) and used it for the tall palm as well.

Heather, Pat and I enjoyed hanging out in the lower hot tub and talking about life!

Florida's State Palm. It's neat that birds carry fern spores into the crown of the palm creating a beautiful double crown effect.

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Megan Hofacker said...

So glad your up and running! I will be cking to see how much fun your having! It looks beautiful and i'm so glad you get to enjoy this experience with Seth and Heather! Love you guys! HAVE FUN!