Friday, September 25, 2009

Madison School Renovation

The church that bought Madison Elementary School building is turning the gym/auditorium into a worship center. This shot is taken toward the back wall looking into what was the office. The balcony used many years ago for watching basketball games has been reopened.

The stage has been lowered considerably......

........and these two views are from the balcony. This shot facing northwest......

....and this one northeast.

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Anonymous said...

Someone sent me a link to old schools in ohio. I clicked on Licking Co. and they had quite a few of them and it said if they were gone, abandoned or whatever. He had our old Franklin on Prospect St as gone but I e mailed and told him it was still there as a private residence now. I took a picture for him. He had Toboso on there too as abandoned but I told him it was a private business now. It would be a fun hobby to reasearch the old ones and photo- graphs etc