Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Most Trusted Man In America"

I found myself mesmorized in front of the TV screen tonight watching the account of Walter Cronkite's life. The "personification of integrity"..... and statements like this caused me to reflect on my own life and those people in it that I consider the emodyment of honesty, integrity and influence in my life. They are those who by virtue of their virtue of honesty and sincerity and ability to be real with me...... have served as both friend and inspiration. I thank God to have been connected to quite a few people like steady flow....for many years. They are as beloved to me as I heard many describe Walter was to them.

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cj and ubee said...

I heard over the weekend that over in some European countries, reporters are known as "Kronkites or Cronkites" depending on the country. Pretty nice tribute, I would say.