Friday, February 20, 2009

Pleasant Chapel Update

I was reminded today by faithful blogwatcher Lil that I have not posted for a while. There are two factors that have resulted in fewer posts:

1. I have had recent trouble with blogger. I cannot get pictures into my files as easily for some reason.

2. I have been spending more time on the social networking site, facebook. It is much more interactive and I have been enjoying reconnecting with old frineds, students, basketball team members, church youth group members etc. I suggest you try it as well.
In the is a picture of Pat the day after she had knee replacement surgery. She is doing well and enjoyed a visit from friends Tim and Carrie Luden.


Kirby said...

I agree...facebook is great. But I miss us both posting on here! Let's get back to it!

Megian said...

Funny how facebook has cut into my blogging time as well. Hmmmm...all about balance I suppose!