Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Woke Up This Morning Praying...

....for our country and our President Elect. A lot of thoughts race through my mind as I think about the historic aspect of the coming inaugration. At a time of great economic and social turmoil in America we need a leader. I pray for his safety. As I watched the news of his train ride into DC it brought to mind the appreciation I have for our system of government and the freedom we enjoy as Americans. Here is a black American riding a train into Washington DC following the same route as did Abraham Lincoln before him. As I thought about the number of people expected to gather for this historic event I remember another historic event I was priviledged to attend.

I can be seen in this picture (yeah...that's me...about a third of the way back!) taken October 7, 1997 on the mall in DC. Approximately 1.4 million men came together for prayer, praise and worship....and more prayer. I will continue to reflect on the happenings in DC in the coming week and continue my prayer for our country and it's leaders.
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